Week 33 (10-28-2011): Around the World in One Mixtape Friday : BigNine7

Week 32 (10-21-2011): My Mental Disorder (Mixtape Madness) : BigNine7


Artist: Matthew F Cheyne, The Maenads, centre panel, Oil on Linen, 100.0 x 300.0 cm, 2009.

Week 30 (10-07-2011): XXX : BigNine7

Volume 29 (09/30/2011): Ded 2 Rites: BigNine7

Week 28 (09-23-2011): Elemental : BigNine7


Week 27 (09-16-2011): Where have I heard that before?: BigNine7

Week 26 (09-09-2011): Sippin’ on Gin and LaCroix : BigNine7

I made of it what I would’ve made of it had I made of it in the first place, which I clearly did(n’t).  Poured some Gin and mixed in some sam’s club lacroix and made an imitation of what I would’ve made had I the original, delicious, slightly more expensive and much more refreshing LaCroix.

Week 25 (09-02-2011): Mixtape Friday Re-Runs : BigNine7

I chose to rerun whatever I wanted to choose to rerun.

Week 24 (08-26-2011): Secrets and Lies: BigNine7

Week 23 (8/19/2011): Poet Critical Edition: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: BigNine7

One Poet.  Transported fifty years into the future.  Will he be able to understand his life from reading criticism of his poetry?  What will he learn about the life he missed (by traveling 50 years in the future) from his biography?  Will anyone he used to know still be alive?  Will he come face to face with himself?


Rated R for Language, Sexually Mixed Metaphors