Instructions- Mac + iTunes

Steps marked with an asterisk (*) are optional, but will make things much better for you (i.e., you won’t mess up the tags in your main library).  These instructions are thorough.  If you already know what you’re doing, feel free to skip any steps.  If you get stuck at any time, email us here.

*1. Completely quit iTunes if you have it open, then hold down “Option” and re-open it. It will prompt you to choose a library, or create a new one. I highly suggest creating a new one and naming it Mixtape Friday, or something like that. From here on out, if you want to open this library you’ll have to hold down “Option” when starting iTunes to choose the library you want to use. If you don’t, it will stick to the last one you had opened.  After this library has been created, quit iTunes.

2. Create a folder (directory) in a conspicuous location called “Mixtape Friday.” A good place to do it is right inside your “Music/iTunes” directory, or even on your desktop.

3. Open your original iTunes library, by holding down “Option.”

4. Create a Playlist Folder (File-> New Playlist Folder) in your original iTunes library called “Mixtape Friday” or whatever you’d like.

5. Create a new playlist (with the folder highlighted, File->New Playlist) within that folder and give it a name- Formatting Suggestion: Mixtape Friday, Volume XX: [Theme] (MM-DD-YYYY).

6. Go to “Music” and choose songs for your playlist (This is where the magic happens).

7. Once your playlist is complete, select it, and then select all songs in it.

8. Drag and drop the songs into your “Mixtape Friday” folder you created earlier in a conspicuous location.

*9. Close iTunes.

*10. Holding down “Option,” reopen iTunes.

*11. Choose the Library you created for Mixtape Friday.

*12. Go to File-> Add Folder to Library

*13. Choose the folder in a conspicuous location and click “Open” and the songs will import into your “Mixtape Friday” library.

14. Select all of the songs in the playlist and hit “Command+i” or right-click and “Get Info.”

15. Under “Album Artist,” Tag the Files With your mixmaster alias (to be determined when you decide to participate).  Note: if you don’t create a separate library, this will mangle the original track

16. Under “Album,” Tag the Files with the following (suggested) format- “Mixtape Friday, Volume XX- [THEME] (MM-DD-YYYY).”  Note: if you don’t create a separate library, this will mangle the original track

*17. After that does its thing, you will want to select the first song in the list and label its track as number 1 (and remove the tag for disc X of X, unless you are only doing a multi-volume set), and go on down the line for all of them. If you don’t do this, it will be all out of order when you upload it. Note: if you don’t create a separate library, this will mangle the original track

*18. Find some cover art, and manipulate it in Photoshop or the GIMP if you’d like, then choose a song that doesn’t have cover art, and drag the picture into that song. If you can do this for all the songs, stripping out the original cover art, even better.  Note: if you don’t create a separate library, this will mangle the original track

*19. Select all the songs from that week’s album and go to File-> New Playlist From Selection. Name the Playlist the same thing you named the Album Earlier.

*20. Delete all of the files in your folder in the conspicuous location. Create a subfolder with an appropriate name, such as the name of the album.

*21. Drag and Drop all of the files from this week’s album into the subfolder.

22. Go back to iTunes, choose your playlist, then choose the song you tagged with your cover art (if you didn’t do all of them)

23. Go to File->Print. Choose “CD Jewel Case Insert,” and on the “Theme” pulldown menu, choose “Single Cover,” Then click print. When the print dialogue comes up, click PDF in the bottom-left.  Save the resulting PDF to your Mixtape Folder

24. Quit iTunes. Go to your folder in a conspicuous location; find your subfolder, right-click on it and choose “Compress”.

25. If you make it this far, I’ll give you some instructions on uploading the resulting zip file.

I know it sounds like a lot, but it should only take about 5 more minutes than making the playlist itself. Let me know if you get stuck.