Week 34 (11-04-2011): It Never Rains On Mixtape Friday : KRB

Week 33 (10-28-2011): Around the World in One Mixtape Friday : KRB

Week 31 (10-14-2011): an ode to…alice & jamie : KRB

Week 30 (10-07-2011): XXX : KRB

Week 29 (09-30-2011): Choose Your Own Theme : KRB

Week 27 (09-16-2011): Almost There…Keep Going : KRB

Week 26 (09-09-2011): Sippin’ on Gin and LaCroix : KRB

Week 25 (09/02/2011): Mixtape Friday Re-Runs : KRB

Actually, more of a Mixtape Friday Clip Show.

Week 12, the inexplicable – explained.

The theme for week 12, “May You _____ Dreams Come True” may be another one of those founding-father jokes. For the birthday of the Mighty, Mighty KRB, The Spaniard decided to get a cake reading, “May your yuppie dreams come true” made. Unfortunately, (or fortunately as it turned out) they mis-wrote the message to read, “May you yuppie dreams come true”. Though there have been some long running references to KRB’s aspiring yuppiedom, this one <ahem> takes the cake.

It should be noted, that this cake may have been made in retaliation to the “Bieber Birthday” cake.

Week 24 (08-26-2011): Secrets and Lies: KRB