Week 52 (03-09-2012): Setting the Stage : Nacho

After a year of Mixtapes, we’ve achieved sentience.  Mixtape Friday Comes Alive!


Play it here:

      1. Volume 52- Setting the Stage


Download it here: Volume 52- Setting the Stage

Week 51 (03-02-2011): What Should Have Been : Nacho

Here’s a bit of what should have been, had some people not been so reckless.

Download some posthumous love here: Volume 51- What Should Have Been (03-02-2012)

If you’d rather stream,

      1. Listen Here

Also, check out the QR Code, if you are so inclined.

Week 50 (02-24-2012): Haters Gonna Hate : Nacho

You know what I hate?  Women.  And Men.

Download Here: Mixtape Friday, Volume 50: Haters Gonna Hate (02-24-2012) (zip)

Stream Here:

      1. Mixtape Friday

Week 49 (02-17-2012): The Answer : Nacho

You got a question?  I got an answer.


Listen to it here: 

      1. Volume 49- The Answer (02-17-2012)


Download it here: Volume 49

Week 48 (02-10-2012): The Future : Nacho

I have come from the future to offer you this Mix Tape before it has been completed. It was and shall be very complicated.

Play Here:

      1. Mixtape Friday

Download Here:

Mixtape Friday, Volume 48: The Future (02-12-2012)- zip

Week 47 (02-03-2012): Mixtape Friday is Getting Old : Nacho

Here, have a heaping helping of gerontophobia.

Week 46 (01-27-2012): Illin’ : Nacho

Week 45 (01-20-2012): Fantastic : Nacho

Fantastic…  Or Vantastic.  You be the judge.

Week 44 (01-13-2012): Good Luck With That… : Nacho

Week 43 (01-06-2012): Deep Space Mixtape Friday : Nacho