Week 23 (2011-08-19) Theme: Generic Girl Coming of Age Drama : The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

One girl, faced with broken hearts, struggle, nostalgia, and infinite personal dissatisfaction finds solace in Mixtapefriday. For this film, you could rent the whole seat, but you would only need the edge.
Oh, wait, you know exactly how it goes.


  1. BigNine7 says:

    Autobiographical? I heard the middle of this film was pretty good. But the ending…whew…

  2. I hope that everything works out with the jock. That awkward guy really gets on my nerves.

  3. Picture the end to every Molly Ringwald movie rolled into one. But without the cute freckles. And I’m probably a worse dancer. And I was born about 7 years too late to get an awesome 80s soundtrack.
    Maybe it was a little more “welcome to the dollhouse”. damn.

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