Week 12, the inexplicable – explained.

The theme for week 12, “May You _____ Dreams Come True” may be another one of those founding-father jokes. For the birthday of the Mighty, Mighty KRB, The Spaniard decided to get a cake reading, “May your yuppie dreams come true” made. Unfortunately, (or fortunately as it turned out) they mis-wrote the message to read, “May you yuppie dreams come true”. Though there have been some long running references to KRB’s aspiring yuppiedom, this one <ahem> takes the cake.

It should be noted, that this cake may have been made in retaliation to the “Bieber Birthday” cake.

The Letter:

So, one day we received this letter at work:

Being that we were a financial aid office at a community college, this was very confusing, yet very intriguing.  The Letter came addressed to the financial aid office with a return address of a PO Box in Carrollton, GA, but no name.  Who was this mysterious letter-sender?  How did they cram such a huge story into such a short letter?  What can they teach us about Satan that we didn’t already know?  Being too full of curiosity to let the matter lie, the Mighty, Mighty KRB drafted a response:


Week 12 (06-03-2011): May You _____ Dreams Come True : Nacho

Week 12 (06/03/2011): May You _____ Dreams Come True : KRB

What is Mixtape Friday?

Mixtape Friday was created as a way to alleviate the boredom and/or stress of the work week.  What began as a simple exchange of mixed cds has evolved into a technological powerhouse and a show of creative force.  The way the program will generally work is a meeting (held on Mondays) to determine the theme for the week.  We’ve found that the looser the theme the better.  We are hoping that this evolves into something even more fun and awesome than it has already become in our workplace and look forward to the evolution that’s bound to occur with a larger pool of participants.

Week 5 (04-15-2011): The Letter : Nacho

Week 5 (04/15/2011): The Letter : KRB