Week 34 (11-04-2011): It Never Rains On Mixtape Friday : KRB

Week 33 (10-28-2011): Around the World in One Mixtape Friday : KRB

Week 29 (09-30-2011): Choose Your Own Theme : KRB

Week 27 (09-16-2011): Almost There…Keep Going : KRB

Week 26 (09-09-2011): Sippin’ on Gin and LaCroix : KRB

Week 25 (09/02/2011): Mixtape Friday Re-Runs : KRB

Actually, more of a Mixtape Friday Clip Show.

Week 24 (08-26-2011): Secrets and Lies: KRB

Week 23 (2011-08-19) Theme: Generic Girl Coming of Age Drama : The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

One girl, faced with broken hearts, struggle, nostalgia, and infinite personal dissatisfaction finds solace in Mixtapefriday. For this film, you could rent the whole seat, but you would only need the edge.
Oh, wait, you know exactly how it goes.

Week 22 (08-12-2011): Feelings. Nothing More Than Feelings. : KRB

Week 21 (08-05-2011): The Root of All Evil : KRB