Week 25 (09/02/2011): Mixtape Friday Re-Runs : KRB

Actually, more of a Mixtape Friday Clip Show.

Volume 16: 07/01/2011

This week’s theme is:

“You’ve Probably Never Heard of Them…”


Due: 07/01/2011

Now get to work!

Volume 15: 06/24/2011

This week’s theme is:

“That’s Sooooo 5 Minutes Ago”

Due: 06/24/2011

Now get to work!


What is Mixtape Friday?

Mixtape Friday was created as a way to alleviate the boredom and/or stress of the work week.  What began as a simple exchange of mixed cds has evolved into a technological powerhouse and a show of creative force.  The way the program will generally work is a meeting (held on Mondays) to determine the theme for the week.  We’ve found that the looser the theme the better.  We are hoping that this evolves into something even more fun and awesome than it has already become in our workplace and look forward to the evolution that’s bound to occur with a larger pool of participants.